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I will start. My name is Ariel Adams and I am a professional watch writer and website owner who practiced law for a while. I currently live in Los Angeles and have been into watches for over ten years now. I don't frequently read my own articles, but I do get to hear a lot about them from my readers. I love dive watches, sport watches, and anything that mixes a beautiful design with high functionality. Over the last week I have only worn watches I am currently reviewing which include models from Breitling, Omega, SISU, Glam Rock, Montegrappa, Casio, and Linde Werdelin. I hope to help keep people excited about great watches while working to make the watch media landscape and industry better as a whole.

Small seconds hand at 9 o’clock

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Bell & Ross WWI Heure Sautante Watches Hands-On Hands-On

The 9 new Swiss Army Dive Master Models for 2012 are mostly style and color additions. Perhaps in a few years we will get a totally fresh Dive Master. It really is a strong collection and I like where Swiss Army goes with the design. Price for the quartz models is 5 each, and ,250 for the automatic models.

Get ‘Em Early: A Marketing Plan For Raising Watch Lovers

Get ‘Em Early: A Marketing Plan For Raising Watch Lovers

Hublot King Power Diego Maradona Limited Edition Watch Hands-On Hands-On

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Seiko Golgo 13 Watches Watch Releases

The central design point of this unique model is the red rising sun image taken from the Japanese Imperial flag. Ladoire recreated it as a movement bridge. The piece is actually hand-cut platinum, done in a red color. It fees very Japanese with the light silver tones of the rest of the movement and matching color on the strap stitching. On the side of the case is a engraved "Origin of the Sun" label.

The no socks thing is very European, and personally I hate to see socks with moccasins, loafers or other casual slip on shoes. These are quite obviously Louis Vuitton, though Jorn did say that the initials actually stood for "Linde Verdelin" -__-

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Tudor Rose

JS Watch Frisland God Special Edition With Eyjafjallajökull Ashes Watch Releases

The software works pretty well and the touchscreen is responsive. It is fun to swipe around the screens. HD3 will make other engines available for download soon, and the watch has enough memory to store four of them at a time. The rest can be stored via software on your computer. My only issue with the Slyde right now is that there is a second or so delay from when you tap the screen until it activates. This means it takes longer to check the time as compared to a standard watch. With its upgradable hardware and software, this might be remedied in the future. Also, the screen is a sapphire crystal which is great. This means scratch resistance. Just be prepared to wipe it down a lot because all that touching means smudge marks all over your pretty watch.

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All The A. Lange & Söhne Lange 1 Watches Watch Releases

A. Lange & Söhne Datograph Up/Down Watch Hands-On

A. Lange & Söhne Datograph Up/Down Watch Hands-On

The Santos line has many variations, however, they are all styled like the original. This includes a square case that is slightly curved on both sides which makes it fit effortlessly on the wrist. The dial has the signature Cartier Roman numerals, including the incorrect IIII at four o'clock - this allows the markers on the right to better symmetrically match the ones on the left.

Bremont Supermarine Watch Now More Super With The S2000 Watch Releases

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Storm Mekon Watch Watch Releases

The Caliber 01.01-M automatic is used in both the three-hand and power reserve SuperFast models. Same movement, just two different configurations. The 03.05-M automatic is the new column-wheel chronograph. It has the same layout as the ETA 2894 it seems. The movement uses gray colored bridges with really neat cut lines to offer a grating look so that you can see through them to more of the mechanics. Of course the lines echo the style of the case and dial, and are yet another way of doing partial skeletonization.

Brown Chronos Safe: Secure Watch Home Luxury Items

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A lange Sohne Homage to FALange watches

What pocket watches to offer is the ability for watch makers to have more real estate for complications and wild designs. The UR-1001 for instance has more complications than could fit into a reasonably sized wrist watch and the entire AlTiN coated steel case feels like it weighs three pounds. This massive item of fancy does not need to be constrained by things like wrist ergonomics or comfort. It just has to be cool and wild.

Cyrus Klepcys Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Chronograph Watch Hands-On Hands-On

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Patek Philippe Complications watches

Hands-down the coolest aspect of the watch is the fact that the dial is hand-done in Urushi lacquer. Urushi is a natural sap-like substance from special trees in Japan that has been used for a long, long time as a lacquer. Urushi products are common in Japan and using the technique is considered a national tradition. The color ranges from almost black to a warm earthy red. This aspect is really cool in my opinion, and I am a big fan of not only traditional Japanese artisinal techniques, but also Urushi itself. The issue in my opinion is one of visibility. To know the dial is made with Urushi, you need to be told - it basically looks like a standard lacquer dial. For me, I want to be reminded each time I look at the watch that it uses this special technique. Seiko perhaps applied it too well, making the Urushi blend in to look like a regular black diver's dial with a very smooth finish.


Ralph Lauren Sporting Watches For 2012 Hands-On Hands-On

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Replica Frank Muller Aetenrnitas Watches

Listen to the HourTime show watch podcast episode 102 here.

I remember a conversation I was included in several years ago. I believe it was late 2008 and a Richemont executive made a statement about the upcoming Ralph Lauren watch brand. Two other people there (also Richemont employees) sort of scoffed at the idea. Reasonably questioning the nature and purpose of the brand which was linked to the fashion empire. You see, watches made with fashion brand labels, aren't always top quality or pedigree, even though they often charge top quality and pedigree prices. It was reasonable to be skeptical.

UPDATE: So Hublot was kind enough to clear some of the confusion around what seems to be competing contract agreements with Ferrari and watch makers. Hublot has a larger more robust contact agreement to participate with Ferrari in all sorts of events and products, and make watches associated with most any of them. According to Hublot, they are a partner with Ferrari in whatever they do. As Mr. Biver of Hublot personally stated, "they are married." According to the breadth of the agreement it does seem that way. As for Movado on the other hand, they have a limited licensing agreement to make 1,500 Euro and under watches with only Ferrari branding on them (no Movado branding on the dial). The Movado Ferrari watches are going to be much more mass produced and sold in some of the Ferrari stores (that sell lifestyle products and not cars), and in some Ferrari dealerships/garages.

Christopher Ward C60 Trident NATO Watch Honors James Bond

Christopher Ward C60 Trident NATO Watch Honors James Bond
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