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So based on these principles, I added most of the following to my collection when I started. My PAM (321) came later and I started with a Rolex GMT IIc. So, for you, I'd suggest the following to get started:

TAG Heuer Grand Carrera Caliber 36 RS Caliper Chronograph Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Capping off a collection of special edition models released in the past year celebrating their 30th year, this Lightning Yellow scheme is available on a number of G-Shock models being launched in December. The yellow color scheme harkens back to G-Shock’s earliest colored watches, launched in 1992.  0 - ,700

Replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual

Part of the point of the HMS Victory watch is to benefit the restoration and upkeep of maintaining the actual HMS Victory ship. The 18th century warship is the last of its kind and as a historic monument always needs cash to survive. This project will deliver financial assistance to that cause.

HYT H2 Watch Hands-On: Liquid Cool Wrist Engine Hands-On

Certainly during the dive, on the heavy bracelet, it's perfect.  The extra 10mm for the dive extension is good for most diving excursions but clearly not as sophisticated as modern micro-adjustable bracelets that come with the new Rolex Submariner 114060 for example.

Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso Classic Small watches

Compared to the older Sea Hawk models the new ones have a more modern looking and distinctive case. I like that. The dials are similar, and more high-end looking. Girard-Perregaux borrows from the most recent Sea Hawk 1000 Meters watches by having a dial that has the time with subsidiary seconds dial, date, and power reserve indicator. This combo of elements is attractive, and most importantly, useful. However, some sport watch enthusiasts will lament the subsidiary seconds dial for being hard to read in "crucial" situations, especially as it lacks luminant. I find the addition of a power reserve indicator to be very useful.

Tissot T-Complications Squelette Modern Skeletonized Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Some more wrist shots on my 7.25" wrist:

IWC watches

First things first - yes, these are truly made of wood.  But make no mistake - these are quite different from other wooden watches that have hit the market from companies like WeWood , Sprout , or assorted Kickstarter projects.  Those other makes feature wooden cases (and sometimes bracelets), but the movement working away inside is the very familiar (and very non-wooden) quartz-driven type.  For these watches from Valerii Danevych, every single piece (aside from the springs) in the watch is made from wood.

Baselworld 2013: Breitling Emergency II Watch Releases

If you need just one reason to love Germans today let it be this watch by German watch maker Junghans. The Meister Kalendar is one of their more retro-looking pieces embodying the spirit of Bauhaus design's beautiful functionality and the graceful lines of a dress watch. Masterfully composed, the Meister Kalendar hides a few design secrets that make it so lovely to look at. It isn't terribly expensive either, and this is a brand that you'll be happy to check out - though it isn't without its quirks.

Replica Longiness Dolce Vita

Aargau: The Aargauers are speedy by nature – they joined the Confederation 210 years before Swatch.
Appenzell Ausserrhoden: Secluded cheesemakers yodel a Zäuerli while disguised as Silvesterchläuse (rather like English mummers).
Appenzell Innerrhoden: The locals display traditional Swiss spirit by raising their hands to vote at a cantonal meeting.
Basel-Landschaft: Friendly folk among cherry orchards.
Basel-Stadt: Swiss, Germans and French meet at the zoo for coffee and Läckerli biscuits.
Bern: Where the government bides its time in taking decisions.
Freiburg: Rumours suggest that the locals dig for their Rösti, a Swiss potato dish.
Geneva: No one’s too small to be a Calvin.
Glarus: The frogs from Muotathal don’t just croak, they even predict the weather*.
Graubünden: The Olympics have given this canton sleepless nights and five dark circles around the eyes.
Jura: The locals are considered to be stubborn revolutionaries – who have been known to hide Unspunnen stones^.
Lucerne: Prospectors sought gold in the Napf region long before there were any cowboys in America.
Neuchâtel: Much that pleases the eye and palate comes from this canton – the most attractively crafted watches, the finest chocolate and the "green fairy", also known as absinthe.
Nidwalden: Without this forest canton, the Rütli oath of independence would never have been sworn.
Obwalden: At the Brünigschwinget wrestling competition, sparks have flown every year since 1904.
Schaffhausen: Nowhere else does so much water flow down the Rhine.
Schwyz: What would Switzerland be today if Bailiff Gessler had missed his turning to the Hohle Gasse, where he met William Tell?
Solothurn: If you dig straight through the earth from Solothurn you will emerge at the other end in Honolulu (say the Solothurn carnival revellers).
St. Gallen: The fried sausages from the local butchers are so good that they can be eaten even without mustard.
Ticino: Where Swiss palms sway in winter.
Thurgau: In this cider country shaped like India, apples and pears share the isolated countryside.
Uri: Where Egyptians meet to ski, thanks to local investment by one of their own.
Vaud: Native Claude Nicollier, the first and so far the only Swiss astronaut ever, must have said to himself “I want to rise high“.
Valais: Where queens go in for the attack – the Eringer cows at their annual fights.
Zurich: The idea for Swatch was born in Solothurn’s Grenchen, but the watch was actually presented for the first time in Zurich in 1983.
Zug: Every year on 15 November, the decisive battle of Morgarten is commemorated – keeping the militia on their toes in case things get serious again.

Overall, it's a great looking piece for the price point not even including the Bluetooth function.  There are two variations of the watch,  both 46mm, with anti-reflective mineral crystal, 100m water resistance and fabric straps with polyurethane coating and contrast stitching.  The stainless steel with blue (AT7030-05E) and black IP with green (AT-7035-01E) both retail for 5 but can be purchased directly through our site for 1.25 HERE.  This price is also valid over the phone or in store.

More specifically, for the first round of production, a percentage of the profits (not sure how much) will go to the Gary Sinise foundation (I have to wonder if that has to do with the fact that he played a disabled veteran in Forest Gump). After that I think the brand will evaluate how well that is working. The person behind Minuteman is the same person who started The CGA Company that happens to sell LUM-TEC (and soon Minuteman) watches.

Replica Breguet Grandes Complications

A. Lange & Söhne and Patek Philippe are presently two of the most prestigious brands in all of horology. While Patek Philippe has arguably greater history and prestige, A. Lange & Söhne has been making lots of headlines in recent times thanks to its new Grand Lange 1 and updated Datograph Up/Down.

Brands today are getting smarter about using the Internet and are cutting out many of the middlemen who are increasingly redundant. This means selling direct to consumers and removing a lot of the salespeople who went around to dealers selling new product. That also means prices should go down offering more value to the consumer, but that frequently isn't the case. Prices are going up and many brands are lucky enough to profit more from each sale. Why is this happening? What happened to value?

To accomplish all of this, Urwerk needed to create a timing device small enough and simple enough to fit inside of a watch. According to them, they still have no idea how it is going to look inside of a finished product. So how does this work? Well unlike a Witschi machine that traditionally "listens" to a movement, the Urwerk EMC uses a small digital camera (optical sensor) right over the balance wheel and escapement to visually measure the timing results. It measures three full seconds and then uses those results to come up with a plus or minus seconds per day reading, which is shown via a little gauge Urwerk has designed. This system also required the design of a new style of balance wheel.