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LUM-TEC 500M Watch Coming In 2010 Watch Releases

My top choice is the Terranaut I, which is the chronograph version with a Valjoux 7750 movement inside. The chronograph subdials are extra large and easy to read, which the subsidiary seconds dial being a cool looking rotating triangle. Neat huh? I think that Muhle Glashutte took some design hints from fellow German watch maker Sinn when designing the chronograph, but maybe it was all their idea. The watches each have a distinct aviator look to them, which again makes me confused why they are called "Terranaut," but again I will forgive that as they are so nice looking. the Terranaut I watch comes with either a black, silver, or military olive green dial. Each with contrasting chronograph subdials. One thing that is a good touch is the matching day and date discs that match the color of the dial. I always appreciate seeing that. The three color dials with the red hands make for bold but unpretentious looks that are handsome and easy to appreciate it. Each has a timeless charm to it along with an ambiguous sense of utilitarian purpose that most guys will enjoy. Against the brushed steel case and black leather strap with contrast stitching you are looking at a uncharacteristically character-rich German watch.

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Check out an article I did about the Christophe Claret Dual Tow watch here on There you will get the basics. Let me say again that Claret is making the limited edition watch customizable. The website configurator for the watch allows you to choose all sorts of personalized materials and colors. The watch further comes with an alligator and rubber strap. I don't want this article to be filled with numbers and figures. My other articles or Claret's website will tell you the little details. I want to share with you what it is like to wear, operate, and look at the Dual Tow watch.

A deep sense of childish excitement erupted when I laid my eyes on these early renderings of the new Star Wars collection watches by Marc Ecko. The brand and trademark (for Marc Ecko watches) is now owned by the Timex group, who are probably going to do a good job at making Marc Ecko watches look much nicer. I have not always been a fan of the brand's offerings, see this article of mine here. Actually come to think of it, I don't see at all how a Star Wars themed watch fits into the Marc Ecko style at all, though I am perhaps missing something the designer did in the past. Regardless, who cares? These new watches are going to be pretty darn awesome! I don't really care what brand name is slapped on them as long as they look good and are done with decent quality standards.

To my knowledge, this is the first Omega Speedmaster watch to be made from titanium. Other than the X-33, Omega has used titanium in some Seamaster watches, but not much else. It seems to be the haute metal for many watch makers these days. Both the case and bracelet are titanium in this case. A light and hard metal, but more prone to scratches that steel. The watch is also a bit larger than the classic Speedmaster. The Solar Impulse is 44.25mm wide. The watch is also water resistant to 100 meters. The dial of the watch is made of carbon fiber - also very unusual for Omega, but it looks to be done in a subtle enough manner. So that is good.

Each of the watches has a case which is mostly made out of a high-grade plastic. This is Swatch remember? They have a reputation to maintain. The cases are enhanced with other elements such as metal bezels and casebacks. The plastic used for the case is very tough and also translucent in a cloudy sort of way. Size of the watch is actually deceptively large at about 45mm. It wears smaller though looking ample, but not too large on your wrist. The case is also water resistant to 30 meters.

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My Favorite Ball Watches At JCK, Big And Lots Of Lume Feature Articles
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Hands-On With The Omega Speedmaster CK2998 Reference 311.

Are limited edition luxury IWC Replica watches depreciating assets


Prices for these modified Rolex watches are reasonable. Certainly much less than the Rolex watches that are new and modified. I figure it is probably best to let a Rolex watch "live a little," and then modify it for round two of its tenure on someone's wrist. Prices for the pictured models range from ,000 - ,500. Highest is the new Milgauss model. Costs involve the value of the original watch on the used market plus the intense amount of work that goes into the modification. Time and Gems is shaping up to be of the most impressive places for modified pre-owned Rolex watches. They of course also have a full collection of original, un-modified Rolex watches at their disposal. Click here to buy or learn more about this new DLC coated Rolex watch collection at Time and Gems. It is important to note that Time and Gems is not associated to, or connected with Rolex in any way (as is the case with all just pre-owned Rolex dealers or modifiers - be it for new or used Rolex watches).

Jorg Gray JG1060 Watch Review

Jorg Gray JG1060 Watch Review

Allow me to present you with another watch concept from Switzerland based Virtual Ideas, a design firm that creates watches for established watch companies (a lot of the time large companies rely on smaller, independent design firms when it comes to watch design. They then figure out how to produce it, market it, and then sell it). The first concept I shared with you (a while back) was the Pink Panther watch concept. The concept watch here is called "Big Time." You can see the thematic similarity to their previous concept design.

PHARAO To Be Most Accurate Atomic Clock In Space Watch Industry News

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And as their website, states: "Dior Christal combines the excellence of Swiss Watchmaking Workshops with the refined audacity of Avenue Montaigne."

Last I heard, Kobe Bryant himself was sporting the Nubeo Black Mamba MVP with the natural whiskey sapphire stones - a truly awesome timepiece once you handle it. Let's check out the bling for a moment on these watches. It should be obvious why whiskey sapphires are named as such. Pour yourself a glass and you'll see a familiar color - oh, and they are also called orange sapphires. The Black Mamba MVP has 48 baguette cut stones on the chapter ring of the dial, 72 black sapphire round brilliant cut stones that line the chronograph subdials, and then another 48 baguette cut whiskey sapphires on the watch bezel. Nubeo's founder Ivan Castro is a skilled jeweler and it shows through not only the choice of stones, but the design and setting on the timepieces. Black sapphire stones are quite interesting. They certainly shine, but have a more under-the-radar style of luxury that asserts itself in confidence and pride of ownership each time you glance at the watch. The Ultimate is an interesting version is the Black Mamba with the precision-cut Arabic numeral bezel (with natural rubber inlay) and the black sapphires in the chapter ring - quite cool.

Hautlence HL-Q Watch + Videos Watch Releases

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