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Grenon's of Newport: There are many, many events here that we participate in. Newport loves to throw a party and there are several charities that benefit. We are proud to have been able to support the local museums, hospitals, cancer research, kids programs and are big supporters of public education. Being a big automobile fan myself, we also like to get involved with all the car shows like the Newport Concours d'Elegance and other local shows.

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Welcome back to an original aBlogtoWatch feature, "My First Grail Watch." In this series, we ask prominent people in the watch industry about the first timepiece that they lusted after. Today, we're speaking with Christophe Claret, of the eponymous brand as well as several other ventures in the Swiss watch industry.

Most Romain Jerome "DNA" watches contain some pieces of something related to the subject matter of the watch. This all started with the RJ Titanic DNA watches (hands-on review here) that contained small amounts of metal collected from the sunken Titanic ship. This concept continued into other areas with watches that contains small amounts of dust from the moon, and to watches like the Romain Jerome DeLorean DNA watch that contained small amounts of metal from an actual DeLorean car.

The book, however, is by far not just a collection of dates, facts and figures: beyond a more detailed look into the mindset – and the way that develops as a watchmaker proceeds to tackle increasingly difficult tasks up to the point of establishing his own workshop – it also features countless quotes from Kari Voutilainen himself. As anyone who has met Kari will tell you, he is a very modest, humble and honest person, a true introvert – just like most other master craftsmen. And yet, the way that he shares his opinion and experience alone renders this book worthy of our attention.

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The Freak from Ulysse Nardin is an icon. If this were the first time you saw it, you would probably never have guessed that the Freak actually debuted thirteen years ago, in 2001. Not only was its design unusual, it was also one of the earliest watches to use silicon in its movement. Over the years, Ulysses Nardin has improved and refined the Freak, leading to the model that you see here - the Freak Cruiser. What’s interesting about this model is that it uses silicon for the hair spring and also its dual escapements. See what else is cool about this watch in our review.

SIHH is, after all, a sales event whose main goal is to attract retailers from around the world to order the newest luxury novelties that will later be sold to consumers. We journalists who are there to cover the fresh product are a distant second in regard to the perceived business importance of selling. Was it doom and gloom in the ritzy halls of SIHH as retailers froze spending in light of currency uncertainties? To some degree yes, but we further understand that major markets such as the United States did not see retailers dramatically restrict spending on new inventory. Nevertheless, the Richemont brands and those few others showing at the SIHH made an important tactical decision in regard to the immediate “currency crisis”: wait until later in the year to show a lot of their new products.

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I personally want to thank Mr. Olivier Audemars for taking the time for this interview and for his sympathetic, passionate, and profound insights into the watch industry, and especially for his thoughts on us passionate collectors, bloggers, and readers. Audemars Piguet is a family business and one senses that immediately when speaking with Olivier. He's down to earth, approachable, and makes you feel part of that AP family with his charming, unassuming, and candid demeanor.

Arnold & Son Golden Wheel Watch: Return Of The Star Wheel

Arnold & Son Golden Wheel Watch: Return Of The Star Wheel

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One of the more deceptively simple features of Watchville is the clock and calender function. This part of the app is arguably as useful as the news feed. Kevin designed a clock that averages times from a series of servers around the world with data originating from atomic clocks (to ensure as perfect timing as possible), as well as a full calendar system with a moon phase indicator designed to make it easy for people with calendar complications to set their watches. New for the Android version of Watchville (likely to be later rolled out to iPhone iOS as well) are updated calendar and timing functions such as the day of the year of the year, time nearest to the next new moon or full moon, and a 1/100th of a second countdown timer with chime. These features alone make Watchville worth downloading, in my opinion.

Kevin Rose Explains How He Got Into High-End Watches & Making The Watchville App For iOS & Android ABTW Interviews
Watchville is now available for Android-based mobile phones and other devices.

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What made the original Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra > 15,000 Gauss watch special, was that it was the first Omega timepiece to contain the brand's Master Co-Axial movement parts. This was before Omega called its new anti-magnetic movements "Master Co-Axial" thus the > 15,000 Gauss name. Inside the watch is the now named Omega Master Co-Axial calibre 8507 automatic movement - named as such for its unique rotor (designed to look like a gun barrel). Otherwise the movement is the same as the caliber 8508 in the other Aqua Terra Master Co-Axial collection timepieces.

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Jonathan Ward (JW): I am the lead designer and CEO of a niche automotive brand called ICON. At ICON, we revisit vintage transportation designs in a modern context. So in a nutshell, we take vintage vehicles and infuse them with modern engineering to breathe new life into them, as modern daily drivers.

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Perhaps the most important element which indicates that the Apple Watch is truly a "watch" is how it fits and is used on the wrist. The experience of wearing the Apple Watch is as good or better than most high-end timepieces, and operating the Apple Watch is very similar to how people might use their traditional timepieces. This is especially true when you compare it to early smarwatches that focused on button-based menus.

The Roger Dubuis Excalibur Automatic Skeleton will come in a 42 millimeter wide pink gold case, rendering this watch more wearable than its "big brothers" in the collections (several of the tourbillon versions were 45 millimeters in diameter). The Excalibur Automatic Skeleton will make its debut at the SIHH 2015 exhibition, and once it hits the stores, it will carry a price tag of ,200.

Orient Flight Watch Review

Orient Flight Watch Review

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The good thing about matte versus polished black DLC is that it doesn't pick up nearly as many fingerprints and it does have a "cool guy" look to it, whereas polished black watches aren't always the preferred masculine choice, despite being a bit more showy. Montblanc even compliments the Montblanc Timewalker Extreme watch with a high-grade leather/rubber strap that it uses in some other products. The strap also has a matte finish and a sort of textile pattern on the surface.

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According to Leatherman, the Leatherman Tread watch will have a total of 25 tools - and the integration of all the tools is rather clever, I must say. Each link, for example, has two tools on either side such as a screw head or a small cutting instrument. The center of the link might be used to unscrew various bolts. It appears as though most of the tools can be used without dissembling the Leatherman Tread merely by taking the bracelet off and folding the links to expose a tool.

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It is thus very fitting, in my opinion, that Hublot inaugurate its relationship with the World Poker Tour with such a watch. Hublot will be the official watch, as well as the official timekeeper of the World Poker Tour's events, such as the Five Star Diamond World Poker Classic event. The winner of which will receive a unique Hublot watch next year. So why poker and why the World Poker Tour?

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In this article, we meet Karel, a young engineering student from San Ramon, California. Fueled by his love for horology and the more unusual timepieces of the 21st century, he quickly grew fond of Urwerk and their unique ways of displaying time. In fact, he liked them so much, that he set out to harness his studies as an engineering student and design and craft his very own homage to his favorite high-end watch brand – and in this beautifully detailed article he shared his experience and achievement with us.

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